Mobile first means business first.

We're experts at leveraging mobile to make networks more adaptable to the changing needs of business. Celerway's SD-WAN platform manages the complexity and uncertainty inherent in cellular data networks, extracting their pure benefit for our customers.


Our lightweight and robust router software built on open source and designed with mobile in mind. It continuously monitors traffic and network health against dozens of parameters and performs intelligent routing across multiple simultaneous WANs.

Celerway Phantom is a key component of CelerwayOS that unleashes the full capabilities of the software, including a rare combination of dynamic VPN load balancing and seamless switching between multiple networks. Phantom also lets you construct ultra-flexible network topologies.

Celerway Nimbus is our remote administration system for deploying and managing devices running CelerwayOS.

We use Celerway routers to bring connectivity to all polling stations in the municipality. The Nimbus router administration software is easy to use, and the routers maximize uptime during pre-polling periods and election days, which has been crucial in ensuring a timely election process for everyone.
Grace Kanza Espedal, ICT Coordinator, Bergen Municipality

Load Balancing

Celerway takes load balancing and handover far beyond traditional failover by actively pre-empting network degradation.

Using extensive monitoring data to predict network performance of each WAN connection, our algorithms continuously redirect traffic intelligently to preserve desired performance of applications, including those that cannot tolerate IP address changes.

The result is uninterrupted high-speed VPN and site-to-site communication across multiple simultaneous networks of any type. 

Outside the Box

Phantom can run on premises or in the cloud, whether on a virtual machine, Celerway router, or x86 hardware.

Any hardware router or virtual appliance can function as a hub or branch—or both—while any branch can connect to multiple Phantom hub instances and automatically select the optimal one.

Deployment & Management
Your Way

With Celerway Nimbus, quickly configure and bring large-scale deployments online and accelerate onboarding of new administrators.

The comprehensive suite of quality indicators, analytics, and alerts enables remote administrators to easily perform real-time monitoring and reduce time spent managing devices.


Thanks to our open source foundation, enjoy peace of mind knowing that security updates and performance enhancements are always timely.

Moreover, our licensing model is designed to facilitate ongoing support from our channel partners.

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