From the beginning, we’ve partnered with trusted solutions experts in wireless communications for the maritime industry. Whether for superyachts, cruise ships, ferries, or research vessels, maritime customers rely on Celerway to deliver future-proofed, flawless connectivity for passengers, crew, and vessels.

Celerway has upped the connectivity game massively, offering a combination of speed, uptime, fallback connectivity, and cybersecurity levels we have not seen anywhere before.

Matthew Buley, Co-Founding Director, MIMO Connect

Modern maritime connectivity: seamless, secure, and with blazing speed


Celerway offers ruggedized E-marked routers with MIL certifications, and extended voltage as well as extended temperature tolerance.


CelerwayOS supports multiple carriers simultaneously and when deployed with Celerway Phantom, systems and crew experience these multiple carriers as a single uninterrupted and secure connection.

Combine 5G/4G/3G/2G
with satellite and other radio links

Celerway offers routers equipped with built-in 5G/4G/3G/2G, as well as built-in WiFi WAN and LAN.

Add satellite and other radio links over Ethernet and PoE.

Configure advanced traffic policies for all available links. For example, allocate only safety and ship-critical data to satellite connections. 


Configure, update, and manage all Celerway devices with Nimbus, Celerway’s cloud administration platform:

  • Dashboard view of live and historical metrics on connection quality, data use, and issues, if any
  • Maps with router position and carrier quality
  • Mass configuration and updates of all routers
  • Remote access to each router
  • Intuitive, mobile-first user interface
  • Complete REST API for integration with existing solutions, and more ...
Future-proof YOUR 5G investment

Celerway's 5G routers automatically supports all future 5G upgrades.

Our high-performance LTE-advanced routers offer a close match to today's 5G speeds, and will remain competitive in the 5G landscape for the next 5-10 years.

MEET the MODERN expectationS of internet connectivity from crew and PASSENGERS

Feature-rich and flexible, CelerwayOS is a modern platform that will meet the rising expectations of today's internet users:

  • Multiple WANs as a single seamless and secure connection
  • Captive portal for terms and conditions acceptance
  • Integration with select content filtering services
  • Shaping and time-based data quota management
  • Multiple WiFi radios
  • PoE LAN for additional WiFI solutions
  • VLANs for traffic separation, and more ...

Maritime connectivity with Celerway

Many vendors put ideal performance specs on their datasheets, and everyone knows that real-world performance is going to be substantially less. Not Celerway. ARCUS performed exactly as advertised, giving us a superior solution for our yacht customers.

Mark Elliott, Managing Director, Voyager IP

Our resellers have used Celerway for maritime customers such as passenger ferry operators and survey ships.

For example, on the Kartverket survey ship used for mapping Norway’s coastline, Celerway enabled crew onboard for weeks at a time to cost-effectively transmit critical data and also access reliable personal web services like video streaming.

Alf Møllerud, CTO, Emcom AS

British-Norwegian technology partnership provides superyachts with secure super-speed internet

Yacht connectivity specialist MIMO Connect has teamed up with Celerway to provide superyacht owners optimal internet connectivity through a 5G router that can operate on multiple networks at the same time.

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