Flawless connectivity

Go beyond the unbreakable internet: Celerway delivers connectivity that is seamless, secure & high-performant, wherever you are.

CelerwayOS manages the complexity and uncertainty inherent in cellular data networks, and extracts their pure benefit for you.

A Modern Platform
Built For The Mobile World


CelerwayOS runs the latest stable OpenWRT kernel so you can always benefit from the latest features and security patches.

AUTOMATIC 4G/5G support

Our Open Source approach allows us to support a wide range of network interfaces, including 4G/5G modem technologies, automatically, without manual user configuration.


Deploy and manage your CelerwayOS devices with Nimbus: our cloud-based remote administration system.

Learn more about Nimbus
Flexible Topology

CelerwayOS, with our proprietary Phantom technology, runs on all our routers. It can also operate in VM environments such as VMWare, Virtualbox or x86 servers, and in most cloud services.

This allows for ultra-flexible network topologies: whether hub-and-spoke and point-to-point, either a VM or a router at a data center can act as a Phantom hub or as both a client and a hub.

CelerwayOS is lightweight and low overhead, delivering impressive performance on a wide spectrum of hardware specification.

Johnnie Dymock, CEO, Wired Broadcast

Seamless, Secure & With Unrivalled Performance

Seamless Secure Load Balancing

Experience the next level of load balancing with our proprietary Phantom technology: application traffic moves seamless across network with no service interruption, even if underlying IP addresses change.

Modern Security

Enjoy high-performant and secured network access: every tunnel used is encapsulated with WireGuard, a modern VPN with state-of-the-art cryptography.

Full Diversity For Ultra-Low Latency

Built for latency-sensitive applications, especially in the challenging connectivity environments: Celerway Phantom orchestrates packet-level traffic to avoid packet loss.

Full Redundency and Mobility

Built for on-the-go: with multiple instances of Celerway Phantom, switch automatically to the optimal one for the moment, e.g., while in a moving vehicle or roaming internationally.

List of Select Features
Multi-wan bridge mode (Softbridge)

Modern QoS that automatically detect and optimize real time traffic.


VPN Protocol: WireGuard, OpenVPN and IPSec

DNS content filtering, threat protection

Stateful firewall

802.1x certificate-based authentication

Adminstration & MONITORING

Traffic grouping: configure network and routing

SNMP, VRRP, VLAN, data quotas and dual SIM policies

Troubleshooting tools: iperf, TCP dump, etc.

Locking to cellular frequencies and modes

Easy WAN/LAN selection of Ethernet ports and WiFi

& more ...

Intelligent Adaptive Monitoring

CelerwayOS continuously collects monitoring data against dozens of network parameters and calculates the quality scores of your connections.

All active monitoring parameters are self-adaptive, based on historical assessments. CelerwayOS comes preset with a suite monitoring configurations, already optimized for most use-cases.

For advance usage scenarios, go beyond the presets: choose your targets, customize their test parameters, frequency and data usage to suit your specific requirements.

This intelligent adaptive monitoring and assessment allows CelerwayOS to perform pre-emptive, corrective routing as necessary. With Phantom activated, users experience multiple available networks as a single seamless connection.

Dynamic Load Balancing

Next-level load balancing that is built for the mobile world.


CelerwayOS optimizes the distribution of data streams over all available networks. Through self-adaptive monitoring and continuous assessment of network quality, CelerwayOS pre-empts network failure and reroutes traffic intelligently.

With Phantom activated, application traffic is balanced seamlessly across multiple networks, at optimal quality and speed.


CelerwayOS maximizes LTE bandwidth through carrier aggregation, with up to 5 channels on one SIM card.


With Celerway OS, manage your load balancing policies per network and application.

Full Redundancy & Mobility

A modern, mobile-first approach to failover.


Set up failover criteria by specifying network quality thresholds and congestion indicators. Alternatively, add or increase cellular capacity whenever the fixed network is congested. With Phantom activated, failover is seamless and application traffic remains uninterrupted.


Any instance of CelerwayOS, whether in a Celerway router or installed in a VM, can act as a Phantom client, server or both. With support for as many client and server instances as required, CelerwayOS enables ultra-flexible routing of different types of traffic.

Connect a client to multiple Phantom instances for redundancy and optimal performance, especially while on-the-move. CelerwayOS automatically selects the server instance by pre-configured priority or by the lowest latency.

Using Celerway Arcus in new hybrid electric tourist vessels, we saw an increase in throughput and bandwidth of over 400%, compared to the previous bonding routers we used.

Andreas Pedersen, CTO, Oppetid AS

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