Looking for a network that grows with you and goes with you?

Enter A New World

Celerway unlocks the full potential of cellular data networks to give you always-on connectivity with blazing performance. Not just 4G/5G backup, cellular leads the way, taking your SD-WAN further than ever before.


Celerway is the only proven open source-based, mobile-first SD-WAN platform.

Widen Network Reach

Our mobile-forward approach gives you  the power to conduct business where you want, even if no wired connections exist.

Graduate to Mobile-first

Application performance need not fluctuate with network performance. Celerway keeps multiple wireless and wired WANs well in hand, shielding users from the impact of adverse network events.

Optimize User Experience

It’s time for a 5G-ready multi-WAN technology built with mobile in mind. Leave behind typical multi-WAN approaches, and let Celerway deliver the resilience, throughput, and value that agile businesses demand.

CelerwayOS is lightweight and low overhead, delivering impressive performance on a wide spectrum of hardware specification. Our feedback matters to Celerway, and they take it into account in software development. It’s a productive relationship that results in Mediaport® SONJA™ being tuned to the needs of our customers.
Johnnie Dymock, CEO, Wired Broadcast
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Expect more

Innovating a new era of mobility for the enterprise.

With three new additions to the portfolio, Celerway continues to set new industry standards for business-grade mobile connectivity managed easily in the cloud.

ARCUS, the world’s first modular, ruggedized router with 5G support.

GO, the world’s first truly portable, battery-powered mobile router that delivers business grade connectivity. Innovative use of 2 simultaneous mobile networks makes working on the go as convenient, secure, and reliable as working at the office.

STRATUS, a new dual-modem router with the best price-to-performance ratio in its class. Convenient and versatile, it is suitable for a wide range of use cases.

Using Celerway Arcus in new hybrid electric tourist vessels, we saw an increase in throughput and bandwidth of over 400%, compared to the previous bonding routers we had used.
Andreas Pedersen, CTO, Oppetid AS
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Celerway’s mobile-first solution takes your network where you need it to be.

On the Water

Celerway provides seamless handover between changing shore-based LTE signals and onshore Wi-Fi. Ferry operators boost customer satisfaction and revenue, thanks to reliable guest services and continous point of sale (POS).


With Celerway, get resilient connectivity with the throughput required for reliable guest Wi-Fi and on-board logistics information. The result is happier riders, along with better fleet routing and scheduling.

All Revenue Captured

For retailers with remote outlets and no on-site IT support, Celerway ensures POS is always available, in either an all-LTE or LTE-backup configuration. The result is maximized sales with zero-touch support. 

Work without Boundaries

Combining multiple wireless and wired connections with Celerway, organizations can provide their branch offices, road warriors, and other remote teams secure VPN connections to corporate networks where they are.

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Our mission is to keep business ahead of the mobile curve.

We built our SD-WAN platform with mobile in mind, using Open Source technology, for one clear reason: agile businesses demand dynamic and flexible networks. We enable customers to leverage the benefits of new technologies like 5G from the start, while lowering total cost of ownership.

A team of seasoned telecom and network software professionals, we take traditional networks beyond the usual constraints.

CelerwayOS, our lightweight and robust software, delivers next-level load balancing technology and runs on hardware with a wide spectrum of specifications.

Our solutions are priced to scale: Celerway hardware routers provide best-in-class price per performance, while CelerwayOS enables a rich array of OEM opportunities.

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