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Mobile SD-WAN Everywhere


Why Celerway?


Mobile SD-WAN

Celerway software has a low footprint and can be injected into network devices ranging from IoT to enterprise gateways.



Our software combines bandwidth from all internet sources (4G, fiber, WiFi) securely for superb quality.



Celerway runs on the latest open source kernels, with VPN encryption & 2 Factor Authentication for cloud orchestration


Celerway is Built For Today’s Business


Safe, One Touch Set Up

Cloud Based Software

The architecture of our platform gives practically unlimited automated technical scalability and no CAPEX investments, all costs are variables (OPEX)

Simple Administration

New routers automatically appear in the Celerway remote administration tool with correct config, making life a whole lot easier for the network admin.


Hardware Agnostic

From military tanks to mobile handhelds, our Software is designed to work with all Linux based routers



Rapid & Resilient

Realtime monitoring and failover

In case of poor performance or network failure Celerway routers automatically switch to the best available Internet connection.

Advanced traffic balancing

Balance load per Internet connection based on cost, link quality, performance, or a combination.

Remote Administration

Celerway’s Admin Dashboard (Nimbus) makes for easy management of large scale deployments, and configuration of core router features.



Always Connected

Intelligent Monitoring

Celerway routers model network state by monitoring the real throughput of all available network connections and filtering out temporarily fluctuating links.

Bandwidth Layering

Continuous application quality by layering bandwidth from multiple sources

Smart Throughput

The network throughput model is used to make decisions about where and how traffic should flow for maximum stability and the best possible performance.


Our Product Offering


Software Licensing

Whether you are looking to white label our technology to use as your own or simply license our technology and cloud platform we can cater to your needs. Below you can find more information about the software.


Full Package Routers

Off the shelf routers for all needs, pre-packaged with our software and cloud platform. Feel free to contact us by email below and we can connect you to a distributor in your region.


Coming Soon

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