Resilient networks for critical infrastructure

Celerway routers support simultaneous connections to two separate mobile networks, and up to 8 fixed-line broadband networks

Plug in wired broadband from up to 8 different companies

Insert SIM cards from up to two mobile operators covering your region

Remote router administration using Nimbus dashboards

Enjoy fault tolerant and load balanced connectivity

Realtime monitoring and failover

In case of poor performance or network failure Celerway routers automatically switch to the best available Internet connection.

Advanced traffic balancing

Balance load per Internet connection based on cost, link quality, performance, or a combination

Remote administration

New routers automatically appear in the Celerway remote administration tool

Traffic groups

Fine-grained control of which network interfaces and load balancing policies are used for traffic to/from specific domains names, web sites, IP addresses, protocols, or for individual clients.

Phantom SD-WAN gateway

The Celerway Phantom SD-WAN gateway ensures 100% uptime, and the same IP address, no matter what happens to the underlay network links.