The future is hyperconnected, mobile, and wireless. 5G accelerates this transformation by leaps and bounds. Maximize your network assets, meet the shifting service demands, and grow beyond smartphone data revenue with our modern 5G Wireless WAN edge platform.

The magic here is in how Celerway uses 5G.

Andreas Martin Aanerud, CTO, Qvisten Animation

Master the ever-expanding edge with CelerwayOS

UP YOUR game on endpoint management

With Celerway, easily mass-configure and mass-update hundreds, if not thousands, of devices. From dashboard views, maps to remote access to each device, Celerway's cloud administration platform Nimbus is packed with powerful features and an intuitive interface. A complete REST API is available for integrating into your existing solutions.

MODERNIZE your endpoint security

The modern era of networking is plagued by ever-increasing cyberthreats. Deliver always-timely, always-on security updates without additional burden to your management or support staff. Offer blazing speeds and secured network connectivity: every tunnel used is encapsulated with WireGuard®, a modern VPN with state-of-the-art cryptography.

SIMPLIFY your network complexity

Need an effective means to simplify a network of 100x endpoints? With Celerway, easily manage consistent policies across all devices for traffic, application, and/or group priorities.


As 5G matures and new features are incrementally rolled out, safeguard your investment by ensuring your endpoints can easily adapt to tomorrow's development. Celerway's future-backed hardware specification and software design ensure your endpoints will not become bottlenecks.

CelerwayOS is lightweight and low overhead, delivering impressive performance on a wide spectrum of hardware specification.

Johnnie Dymock, CEO, Wired Broadcast

Our mobile-first approach powers your network with unrivalled performance & resilience

seamless & SECURE connectivity

Meet the modern demands for mobility, performance and security. CelerwayOS leverages multiple cellular connections, and when used with Phantom, users experience them as a single uninterrupted and secure connection. Failover interruptions are relics of the past.

In addition to native IPSEC, OpenVPN, and WireGuard®, Phantom bundles all WANs seamlessly with the modern, secure, and blazingly fast WireGuard.

beyond cellular backup

Maximize your network assets. CelerwayOS provides 5G/4G modules so cellular can be a primary alternative.

Configure any combination of cellular-only, cellular-topup, and/or cellular-failover. Topup allows cellular to kick in when fixed (or primary cellular) connection is saturated.

Celerway has upped the connectivity game massively, offering a combination of speed, uptime, fallback connectivity, and cybersecurity levels we have not seen anywhere before.

Matthew Buley, Co-Founding Director, MIMO Connect

Discover our broad spectrum of use cases & seize the untapped 5G growth

Fixed Wireless Access & Private 5G

Unlock revenue opportunities and deliver the benefits of fixed-line broadband services with Celerway’s mobile-first edge platform. Combining multiple cellular connections, Celerway Phantom ensures uninterrupted and secure connectivity with unrivalled performance for both FWA & Private 5G use cases.

Take coverage to the maximum with purpose-built, integrated solutions optimized for urban or rural applications.


Get ahead of the Industry Internet of Things (IIOT) revolution. Celerway’s edge platform, with its future-proofed hardware specification and software design, effortlessly powers AI-driven smart devices, sensors, advanced analytics, and ML implementations.

Combining multiple cellular connections, Celerway Phantom delivers  the performance and security that industries demand.


Offer the professional difference and deliver business-grade mobile connectivity that the modern workforce demands. Celerway combines multiple cellular connections with private or public WiFis to ensure blazing performance anywhere. With Phantom VPN, connectivity is seamless and secure.

Battery-powered and palm-sized, it is the ultimate office on-to-go for true professionals.


From near-shore vessels, trucks, buses to unmanned vehicles and UAVs, deliver flawless connectivity with resilience, security, and network visibility. With Celerway Nimbus, manage entire fleets with ease and mass-update/configure with just a few clicks.

Choose from integrated solutions designed for outdoor and rugged applications.

Together with Celerway, Telecom26 is able to offer our customers a single turnkey solution for secure global 5G, 4G / LTE connectivity – in a cost-effective bundle. It automatically selects the best available network, with the best price, to ensure optimised connectivity.

Nicola Berardocco, CEO Telecom26

Ready to seize the untapped 5G growth with a modern WWAN?

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