Nimbus is our cloud-based remote administration system for managing your CelerwayOS devices.

Powerful, flexible, yet easy-to-use, Nimbus lets you quickly configure and bring large-scale deployments online and accelerate onboarding of administrators.

The comprehensive suite of quality indicators, analytics, and alerts enables remote administrators to easily perform real-time monitoring and reduce time spent managing devices.

Advanced Monitoring

Monitor your entire deployment with ease: visualize network quality, data usage, GPS, alarms and many other statistics all in one place with an intuitive dashboard interface and maps for GPS-equipped devices.

Organization, Your Way

Organize devices, users, organizations into groups and hierarchies of groups. Manage configurations and permissions easily through this hierarchical structure.

Remote Management

Remotely configure and manage users and devices. Remotely perform firmware updates. Remotely access the local router interface.


Enjoy peace of mind knowing that security updates and performance enhancements are always timely thanks to our open source foundation.


Adapt NIMBUS to your specific solution needs with our rich REST API or monitor through SNMP.

The Nimbus router administration software is easy to use, and the routers maximize uptime during pre-polling periods and election days, which has been crucial in ensuring a timely election process for everyone.

Grace Kanza Espedal, ICT Coordinator, Bergen Municipality

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