For business travelers and digital nomads, being far away from home, or worse, being far away from a power outlet, can slow you down. What if you can take secure, business-grade connectivity with you, wherever you go, in a battery-powered, palm-sized device?

With Celerway, our executive team has gotten used to being fully productive while fully mobile.

John Olve Andersen, Director of Innovation, Techstep‍

Your office goes where you go


Celerway offers portable and battery-powered business-grade routers. With additional batteries in the kit, stay connected without a power socket for days.


CelerwayOS supports multiple carriers simultaneously and when deployed with Celerway Phantom, systems and personnel experience these multiple carriers as a single uninterrupted and secure connection.


Celerway modems support global frequencies so you can be connected from anywhere.


Easily connect the whole team with multiple WiFi radios and 2 ethernet ports.

Combine LTE with ETHERNET & WIFI

Celerway offers portable routers equipped with built-in 4G/3G, as well as built-in WiFi WAN and LAN.

Configure advanced traffic policies for all available links. For example, allocate only safety and business-critical data to LTE connections. 

Manage and control data cost and connection quality.


Configure, update, and manage all Celerway devices with Nimbus, Celerway’s cloud administration platform:

  • Dashboard view of live and historical metrics on connection quality, data use, and issues, if any
  • Maps with router position and carrier quality
  • Mass configuration and updates of all routers
  • Remote access to each router
  • Intuitive, mobile-first user interface
  • Complete REST API for integration with existing solutions, and more ...

And even with two weak cellular connections in remote places, GO gives me all the performance I need for flawless Teams or Zoom calls.

John Olve Andersen, Director of Innovation, Techstep‍

The Celerway GO is designed with the business traveller in mind. Its range of connectivity options allows you to securely work in any situation; while the Nimbus platform enables remote management and support across the company's fleet of devices. When paired with Telecom26’s multi-IMSI GlobalSIM, it adds an unrivalled coverage and connectivity resilience to bring your office with you wherever you are in the world.

David McCanny, Head of Product, Telecom26

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