The ideal remote work experience


Working just like in your office

Working remotely always should be a great experience, and it is—when you have business-grade connectivity that boasts performance, security, ease of use, and ease of administration.

High performance

  • Non-stop connectivity for flawless videoconferencing and other live remote collaboration
  • Seamless secure access to required company servers, files, and applications


  • Firmware that always runs the latest security updates and fixes
  • Celerway’s unique secure, dynamic, load-balanced VPN—for fast, uninterrupted VPN connections and easy integration in existing infrastructure

Easy to use

  • Plug and play, with no need for on-site IT support
  • Truly portable: fits in the palm of your hand, stows easily in a pocket or laptop case with onboard-battery power (GO only)

Easy to administer

  • Nimbus, Celerway’s remote administration platform: configure, update, and manage all Celerway devices in the cloud, and monitor with SNMP
  • Dashboard, alerts, and reports on data use and connection quality
  • Continuous control of remote endpoints, no matter how dispersed

Remote work with Celerway products.


  • The world’s first truly portable, battery-powered mobile router that delivers business grade connectivity. Innovative use of 2 simultaneous mobile networks makes working on the go as convenient, secure, and reliable as working at the office.
  • For enterprise-wide employee deployments.


  • A new dual-modem router with the best price-to-performance ratio in its class. Convenient and versatile, it is suitable for a wide range of remote work use cases.


  • Choose Fractus to provide connectivity with 4G backup for small offices or at home, using standard office applications.

Celerway’s unique, powerful, mobile-first technology.

All Celerway devices for remote work are backed by our industry-leading, mobile-first software platform, natively designed to manage the complexity and uncertainty inherent in cellular data networks and extract their pure benefit for uninterrupted connectivity on the go.

Our CelerwayOS router software is a new class of load balancing software that uses multiple simultaneous networks (5G, Wi-Fi, satellite, or fixed line) to create a resilient connection with blazing performance virtually anywhere. Thanks to comprehensive quality assessment of each network, CelerwayOS maximizes throughput, pre-empts failover, and delivers optimal user experience.

Celerway’s proven technical expertise and business flexibility are unique…Our end customers benefit from global and secure business continuity in one convenient and cost-effective package.
Robert Koldys, VP Marketing, Strategy & Business Development, Telecom26 AG

Ready for an ideal remote work experience?

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Load Balancing

Celerway takes load balancing and handover far beyond traditional failover by actively pre-empting network degradation.

Using extensive monitoring data to predict network performance of each WAN connection, our algorithms continuously redirect traffic intelligently to preserve desired performance of applications, including those that cannot tolerate IP address changes.

The result is uninterrupted high-speed VPN and site-to-site communication across multiple simultaneous networks of any type. 

Outside the Box

Phantom can run on premises or in the cloud, whether on a virtual machine, Celerway router, or x86 hardware.

Any hardware router or virtual appliance can function as a hub or branch—or both—while any branch can connect to multiple Phantom hub instances and automatically select the optimal one.

Deployment & Management
Your Way

With Celerway Nimbus, quickly configure and bring large-scale deployments online and accelerate onboarding of new administrators.

The comprehensive suite of quality indicators, analytics, and alerts enables remote administrators to easily perform real-time monitoring and reduce time spent managing devices.


Thanks to our open source foundation, enjoy peace of mind knowing that security updates and performance enhancements are always timely.

Moreover, our licensing model is designed to facilitate ongoing support from our channel partners.