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Mission: Accomplished—Emcom and Truenorth use Celerway mobile SD-WAN to keep international film crews connected on location in Norway

A Celerway partner based in Norway, Emcom AS is a distributor of products for the mobile workplace, including mobile broadband routers, modems, antennas, and specialized communications solutions. Truenorth is a solution provider offering high-quality production services for clients that want to capture the raw and dramatic landscapes of Norway, Iceland, Greenland, and the Canary Islands for film, television, commercials, video, or photo shoots.


Film crews often work on location where no reliable internet connection exists. Truenorth needed a solution that could be moved from location to location and deliver high-quality Internet with capacity to enable large film crews to complete their work in a timely manner.


Based on Truenorth's requirements, Emcom built a portable solution using a Fractus 4G router by Celerway. Equipped with one Cat 11 LTE module (600/50 Mbps), five Ethernet ports, and two Wi-Fi radios (2.4 and 5.0 GHz), the Fractus was installed in a protective Peli™ case. Emcom affixed to the front of the case a specially designed Poynting antenna (PANL-0051), with two LTE elements and two Wi-Fi elements. The solution was designed to provide reliable internet and Wi-Fi over a large area, with a strong 4G signal in most places.


While shooting several high-profile films in Norway, including Mission Impossible, Black Widow, Tenet, and a James Bond film, production crews had access to reliable and fast internet using 4G networks, thanks to the Emcom solution with Celerway Fractus at the core. "With a large international film crew working and communicating across several continents on a continuous basis, it is important that the internet is working smoothly,” said Per Henry Borch, Executive Producer at Truenorth Norway. “The solution from Emcom was functional, easy to use, and fulfilled our requirements."

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