It’s 2019. Act Accordingly.

Ignore these problems at your own risk.


Downtime is Expensive

Whether it be through lost productivity, breach of contract, or lost opportunities, downtime in these connected times costs $5600/min

For SMEs every minute of downtime hurts. Celerway’s bandwidth layering software allows businesses to run with peace of mind.

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Cyber Attacks Kill Businesses

60% of SMEs fold following a cyber attack. Workers accessing their company network via an unsecured connections remains a big threat.

A Router powered by Celerway’s software platform provides SMEs with an affordable connection complete with bleeding edge security.

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Infrastructure is Weak

It’s 2019, more data is being consumed this year alone that the entire history of the internet. However, the infrastructure in place today is’s able to deliver on today’s bandwidth needs.

This is where Celerways bandwidth layering comes into the picture. Using a router powered by Celerway one is able to support simultaneous connectivity to 2 diffrerent mobile networks up to 8 different broadband lines. Meaning faster more stable broadband.

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Data Breaches Are Real

71% of US businesses have reported at least one data breach in 2017. With the adoption of GDPR in Europe and stricter data protection regulations globally, preventing data breaches is a must.

Celerway’s open source Kernels, encrypted VPNs, and 2 factor authentication make for a fortress against would be hackers.

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