Small businesses

Uptime is critical

The spread of cloud services, connected devices, and increased online collaboration means that an ever-increasing number of small businesses rely on stable network connectivity for daily operations. The consequence is that poor Internet service quality and even short windows of downtime become very costly.

Smart routers reduce risk

Deploying secure smart routers that prioritize critical business traffic and provide network resilience, lower the risk for reduced functionality and service disruption.
Celerway smart routers offer small businesses the following key risk-reducing features:

  • In a failover situation, business-related services can be prioritized over other traffic – such as social media or entertainment
  • Continuous monitoring of network quality ensures traffic dispatch through the fastest and most reliable networks
  • Secure business traffic using state of the art IP/VPN tunneling technologies

Easy administration

  • Deployment is only a few clicks away
  • Cloud-based management solution for:
    • Prioritizing traffic and applications
    • Managing VPN in one place for all devices
    • Updating configuration and firmware
    • Accessing quality and uptime statistics
    • Monitoring and control of data quotas

Flexible hardware for small businesses

  • VPN tunnel functionality is free of charge
  • 5x RJ45, 2x WiFi can be used for WAN or LAN
  • Simultaneous use of up to 8 WAN connections
  • 1x USB can be used for WAN
  • 1x miniPCIe LTE modem for WAN (<300 Mbit/s)
  • 900 Mbit/s load balancing capacity
  • SIM card slot