Research and development

Celerway contributes to several highly rated international R&D projects with partners from top technical universities, the public sector, and industry partners like Cisco, EMC, Mozilla, ICE and Telenor. Coming from a research background, Celerway considers close cross-disciplinary collaboration to be the key to solving complex challenges in the networking domain.

The following is a list of current R&D activities directly contributing to the Celerway software platform:

  • Optimal utilization of all bandwidth available from different heterogeneous networks
  • Qualify hardware and algorithms in high-mobility use cases on busses and trains.
  • Enable smart application-based interface selection and routing. This includes profiling of incognito applications. The goal is to make as many concurrent applications as possible complete network interactions successfully, and avoid wasting bandwidth on application connections terminated due to bad quality
  • Use of large scale network information data to develop predictive quality metrics and algorithms for use in multi-WAN scenarios
  • Continue efforts to make the Celerway platform self-learning, self-healing, and fully automated, while providing full bandwidth utilization across applications


MONROE – mobile network quality in Europe

Celerway contributes to the MONROE project with building, installation, and administration of hardware and software for measurement nodes that have been deployed in homes, offices, and on buses and trains across Europe. Every node has access to four mobile broadband operators, WiFi, and fixed line. This helps make better Celerway products, and has provided valuable experience in running network diagnostics.

NEAT – improved user experience

In the NEAT project Celerway develops software that ensures best possible quality for various services and applications over different network connections. Celerway developers algorithms for running network diagnostics and then selecting the best network and protocol for a given application.

FLEX – improved quality of service over LTE (4G)

Celerway’s contribution to the FLEX project is related to diagnostics and optimization of LTE (4G) networks in a controlled laboratory environment. This makes it possible to ensure that new algorithms work as expected in a non-interference scenario.

NorNet – mobile network quality in Norway

In the NorNet project Celerway contributes with the development of software and hardware for measurement and diagnostics on Norwegian mobile operators.

NIMBUS – better service quality over mobile networks from high-speed trains

Celerway contributes with software development for better user experience on mobile networks on trains.