Health and homecare

Care services need reliable connections

The home care industry, boosted by innovative IoT devices, is developing fast. Home care services depend on a trustworthy internet connection for patient safety.

Smart routers for improved safety

Deployment of centrally managed and highly secure smart routers enable both professional care givers and patients to feel safer. The standard setup is a wired primary connection, with LTE/4G as backup network.

  • The Celerway router ensures constant uptime by continuously monitoring the quality of all available networks and dispatching traffic through the fastest and most reliable internet connections.
  • Poor network quality that may compromise safety triggers alarms to responsible personnel.
  • Health employees are automatically connected to their digital service platform using state of the art VPN.

Easy administration

  • Manage VPN in one place for all devices, instead of separately for PC, tablet and phone
  • Smart router providing secure, managed, always available connectivity
  • Centralized remote management solution
  • Monitor and control data quotas
  • Up to 5 years hardware warranty

Full functionality in a lightweight package

  • VPN tunnel functionality is free of charge
  • 1x LAN, 1x WAN ports, 1xUSB port
  • Connect to on premise wired network
  • Always online through backup LTE/4G modem
  • Sensors and devices connect through Wi-Fi
  • 10*8*3 cm device – 170 g
  • Battery life, normal use 8-10h
  • GPS tracking can be enabled