Connected transportation

Handover between networks is challenging

Modern transportation frequently switches between Wi-Fi and LTE/4G networks. Handover between networks can be difficult.

For example:

  • A strong Wi-Fi signal may hide a poor Internet connection
  • A fading Wi-Fi or LTE/4G signal impedes efficient throughput

Efficient switching between networks requires advanced handover technologies

Optimized handover technology

By sensing the quality of all available networks and using aggressive connection dropping the router discards weak networks and dispatches traffic through the fastest and most reliable internet connections.

Easy administration

  • Smart router providing secure, managed, always available connectivity
  • Control all routers from one place through a centralized remote management solution
  • VPN tunnel functionality is free of charge
  • Cost optimization
  • Advanced SIM monitoring and data quota control
  • Up to 3 years hardware warranty

Hardware designed for handover

  • 4x LAN, 1x WAN
  • Always online through 1 – 4 built-in LTE/4G modems
  • 1 – 2 WiFi radios for maximum flexibility
  • Instant handover between all types of networks
  • 115*82*30 cm device – 360 g
  • GPS tracking